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Normal market dimensions constantly in stock.

Short-term deliveries are possible due to our having normal market dimensions permanently in stock.

  • Construction timber

  • Packaging
  • -dimension structural timber
    -glued timber
    -batten products
    -sawn timber for beam

    -Storage from squared timber to pallets
     (also trimmed for general packing needs)

    • Planed products
    • Garden wood
    • -Tongue and groove
      -All profiles upon request
    • Special needs/dimension timber
    • Glued timber

    •     We are always available to provide further information, also in relation to special needs and dimension timber. Just contact us!

      Pauls/St.Vith AG
      Wiesenbach 42
      4780 St.Vith/Belgium
      Phone.: +32 (0)80 280 330
      Fax: +32 (0)80 280 339


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