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We offer a diverse product range for the most varied application and processing purposes.

Individual wishes are met through high technical flexibility and the excellent adaptability of our staff.


  • Construction timber

  • Packaging
  • -Roof trusses
    -Roof battens
    -also artificially dried

    -thermal treatment ISPM 15

  • Planed products
  • Garden wood
  • -Tongue and groove
    -All profiles upon request

  • Special needs / dimension timber

    Glued timber

    We also produce and supply glued timber elements both as boards for the construction sector as well as straight and curved glued beam sections up to an individual length of 33.5 metres. We also maintain a broad range of standard dimension timber stock in lengths up to 18 metres.

    Production is subjected to permanent third-party monitoring.

    Specialist advice is available for structural work.

    Just contact us.

    Precision through technology.


    • Logyard facilities
    • Small log sawing bu chipper canter quad bandsaw unit
    • Sawingsystem by Link profiling technology
    • Splitsawing, crosscutting on precise length

    All normal market dimensions constantly in stock.

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